Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Card a Day

This year i decided that i that i would make my Christmas cards. i really needed to make a bit of a dent in my Christmas stash!! i have been making them throughout the year. This month, until Christmas, i will be sharing a card a day over on my instagram account. You can also search for the images under the hashtag #christmascardaday. i do not profess to be the best card maker around, these are all fairly simple in design, which might just be the inspiration you need to pull together some quick cards at this time of year. Are you making your cards this year?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Simple Scrapper December Layouts

It's nearly the first of the month which means the new membership material will soon be available to the Premium Members of Simple Scrapper. Jennifer is running a really good deal on an annual membership at the moment if you are interested in signing up. 

There are some amazing templates/sketches this month. i probably shouldn't say that as one of them is actually based on one of my layouts, haha! It's been fun seeing some of the Creative Teams spin on it, so i can't wait to see what the members do. You can check the team gallery out herei love the theme Magic for the story starters too, which is perfect for this time of year, but can also be adapted to other stories which aren't about Christmas. Here's my first layout which uses a sketch from this month and a story starter from October 2013 about moments.

Family portraits don't always have to include faces! i captured this one last Christmas. My family and i don't always get to spend Christmas together for varying reasons, but last year we actually did. So this is a layout celebrating that. My Christmas album is full of red gold and green layouts, so it was refreshing to do a Christmassy layout with non traditional colours. Love that bokeh paper from Echo Park as a subtle background.

And here is the next layout which was prompted by one of this months Story Starters and uses a sketch from July this year.

i wasn't the only one in the team who scrapbooked about Harry Potter! i actually have a few other ideas for the prompts, so you may see more layouts on this theme in the future. As well as the obvious magic theme here, i journaled about how the day was magical to me because i got to experience with some of my favourite people. 

i used a whole sheet of Pow! Glitter Paper to add to the magical theme and also used some glass glitter on the edges of the acetate stars. This is a good sketch for getting your scraps used up, that navy and turquoise star paper was only a 6x6 sheet, but i managed to make it go far. 

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Simple Scrapper Creative Team!

i am thrilled to announce that i will be joining the Creative Team at Simple Scrapper! You can see the list of amazing ladies who are also joining the team in the official announcement here. We are joining a stellar existing team and you should definitely go check out this months gallery & read more about each of the team members. 

As i mentioned in my Stash Bash post, i have been a Premium Member of Simple Scrapper since March of this year. i have really loved being part of the motivating community that Jennifer has cultivated as well as using the inspiration that she delivers each month. Sometimes all the inspiration out there can be a little overwhelming so it's been good for me to narrow down my choices to keep me more focused. i LOVE the Simple Scrapper sketches and the story prompts often spark a story in me which i otherwise might not have told. Plus, the monthly digital magazine just rocks! i really enjoy flicking through that on my iPad every month. That's why i feel like this team is such a good fit for me. You can learn more about what the Premium Membership includes here.  

i thought this would be a good time for me to share some of the layouts that i've made over the last few months which used inspiration from the Simple Scrapper Premium Membership.

These layouts used sketch templates:

This layout was inspired by a Story Starter:

Something i wanted to point out in case you're curious about Simple Scrapper is the community event which Jennifer is hosting right now called Holiday Focus.

i know well enough that this time of year it's easy to put scrapbooking on the back burner whilst all the Christmas craziness is going on & this event is a great way to help you keep focus on whatever types of projects you are wanting to complete. The event is totally free and so is a fantastic way to sample what Simple Scrapper is like.

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite! Tonight i am dressing up as a fortune teller and going to a party, i'm excited!   i wanted to share the pumpkins that i decorated this year.

For this one i glued lots of sequins to the top of the pumpkin and then I glittered the stem. The best way to do this is to paint the stem & leave to dry overnight. Then you need to cover the pumpkin in a glue (i used modgepodge) and cover in glitter. i used the same technique on the other pumpkins, although the white doesn't show up too well.

But first i spray painted them. The best method for spray painting is to do several light coats, letting each one dry before the next. Make sure to cover your surface & do it outside or in a well ventilated space. To create the white pumpkin with the orange stars i first covered the pumpkin with stickers & only removed them when the paint had dried. For the 'eek!' on the black pumpkin i used thickers after the paint had dried.

i hope you enjoyed these & please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Haunting!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lifting Sharmaine

This week i participated in the 'lift me up challenge' over at the Cocoa Daisy Forum. The jist is to look at the gallery of the person who posted in the thread before you and choose a layout to scraplift. i posted after Sharmaine

Rather than directly lift the design of one of her layouts i chose to get inspiration from a couple of her layouts. i really liked the painted background on this one and also her use of triangles in a couple of the layouts in her gallery. i LOVE triangles. And this is what i came up with: 

Honestly, i really struggled at first and kept re-designing the layout, but i'm glad i persisted because i'm pleased with how it turned out. And i'm especially glad i had so much space for journaling about these awesome people i have in my life. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stash Bash Layouts

This weekend i participated in the Stash Bash event over at Simple Scrapper. Stash Bash is an annual event that Jennifer Wilson hosts, you can read more about it here. You can either pay to participate or if you're a member of Simple Scrapper its part of your membership. i only became a member of Simple Scrapper this spring and so it's been the fist time i've joined in. The idea is to reorganise, declutter or just use up some stash. i decided to focus on the 'use some stash' portion of the event and got 5 layouts done (although i really need a sort and reorganise sometime soon). The challenges that Jennifer set were really great & motivating.

The first challenge i participated in was to use a sketch, i used one of Jennifer's sketches from the August SS materials. i stuck fairly close to the sketch but added in the 3x4 card for my journaling.

Next i attempted the challenge to use scraps or papers which had already been used. Hereare the pieces i picked out. They were from the March Cocoa Daisy Kit so they were already co-ordinated which made it nice and easy for me.

This is the finished layout, i used 6 different pieces of paper. This challenge stretched me as i felt like I needed to 'fill out' the page with more embellishments than I usually would because i was working with smaller piece of paper.

i'd like to point out that i don't subscribe to all these beauty boxes at once, honest! The third challenge i completed was to get some memorabilia into your album. i had this flyer from a musical i went to see a few weeks ago. You can't generally take pictures in a theatre so i try to pick up bits like this so i can still record the event,

i wanted to be able to have both sides visible so i put it in a page protector which i trimmed down and you can open it to see the back side of the flyer. 

My journalling is also hidden under there. This was a design choice rather than wanting to have my thoughts hidden, but if you're wondering about the 'Meh' stamp - i wasn't all that impressed with the show.

There was also a challenge to use up a tool or supply you haven't got much use out of. i thought of a few things i could use so i need to attempt this one again soon. My stamps are something that don't get enough mileage so i decided to use a couple repetitively on this page. i don't usually use my stamps this much on a page, but i quite like the effect so i will be doing this again.

And yea, that's me meeting Kristian Nairn of Game of Thrones fame, i was giddy for a week after that!

Lastly i did the 'stash dash' challenge. Basically you set a timer and then grab some products from the depths of your stash and then create a page just using that product. To help me with this challenge i picked the photo first. As i like to use product to support the theme of my page i found this much easier & it helped me keep focus when selecting my stash. Whilst digging i came across a whole file of papers which i had forgotten about! So i picked some papers from that. Then i grabbed a few embellishments which are fairly old. In my haste i forgot to pick out some alphas so i chose those after i'd almost completed the layout. Here's what i selected: 

The page came together really quickly (under 20 minutes). Because i wanted to display all those pretty papers i came up with this simple design and then as i had limited embellishments to choose from it didn't take long to finish at all. Sidenote: i loved how the glimmer glaze looks on the wood veneer, this is something i hadn't tried before. This is a great challenge for using up some of your older and forgotten stash.

i really enjoyed the Stash Bash event & am already looking forward to the next one. i'm pleased with the layouts i did and will definitely try some of these challenges again. Did you participate in the event? If so, let me know! 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Misting with Stencils

i'm a big fan of misting with stencils, but for some reason it's not something i do on my pages too often. i think it's the risk of making a mess which holds me back. My friend Lisa is always inspiring me to get the mist out. Misting is her scrappy super power. Here are a few examples where i've used mist with stencils.

This is something i'm glad i documented because i rarely have smoothies for breakfast these days. For this design i could easily have used a strip of paper at the top, but i like the effect of the mist. 

For this page i used the design of the stencil to lead your eye to the photo.

On this page i used white rub-ons as a resist against the mist, it's subtle but definitely brings a little extra something to the design. i love how the sunburst enhances the theme of my photos.

i hope you enjoyed these, and thanks for reading!