Saturday, October 24, 2015

November Simple Scrapper Story Starter Layout

The theme this month at Simple Scrapper is food. Yes! This is something i tend to tell stories about fairly often, so i love that i have new prompts for some fresh stories. 

For this layout i chose to tell a deeper story. The how and why i came to be a vegetarian. It all comes down to this book by Jonathan Safran Foer (yes, the guy who wrote Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), Eating Animals. i've been a vegetarian now for nearly 5 and a half years and yet this story was still missing from my scrapbook albums. The story starters are really great at prompting you to share stories which haven't been told yet. 

i used a sketch from September for my design. One thing you may notice which is different from my usual style is my use of typed journaling. You don't see this from me very often because i usually like to just free style without any pre-planning. But i do find it useful to type my journaling when i have a longer story to tell, or if i want to be able to review my journaling so that i can be sure i have all the facts included. Because this was such an important story to me that's the route i chose for this layout. 

My second layout is much lighter on the journaling. Because not all stories are long stories. i'm trying to be better about creating more personality layouts about the people in my life and this is one of those. 

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November Simple Scrapper Sketch Layouts

The November content at Simple Scrapper is now available. This month the sketches are all designed around one original sketch to show the many different variations you can get from one starting point. i think this is a genius idea and i loved all the different designs that the Creative Team came up with. i had about 6 ideas of how to use the sketches, but didn't have enough time to execute them all. The good thing is, the sketches are archived in the Resource Library so i can always go back to them. 

This page is about my love for stories set in magical worlds. Gold + kraft + black + white is my new favourite. i love how classic it looks, Another favourite? Squares. They are just so versatile! If you wanted to you could use 4 photos, or you could use a spot for your journaling. 

My second sketch layout is just a selection of some of the things i was loving during the month of September. Yes, Socality Barbie made it on to the list. If you haven't checked out this Instagram account yet, you really must. It's hilarious.

The original sketch only has 4 squares, but I doubled up. See what i mean about the sketch being so adaptable?

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Pumpkin Picking Layout

It being October, i thought i'd share another pumpkin layout. i used a Simple Scrapper sketch for the design. It's one i have already used before for the 'Today is the Day' layout in this post. The past few years i've gone to a local farm shop to pick out my pumpkin(s). They have a good selection of different types of squash & some good photo opportunities! 

So many of my layouts start with white cardstock because i usually hand write my journaling. But i also like to look for patterned papers that i can use as backgrounds. Because, let's be honest, i need to make a dent in my paper hoard. When making my selection i tend to pick out more simple designs, with lighter colours. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to read my handwriting. What do you find yourself using as backgrounds, papers or cardstock?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Awesome Pumpkins Layout

i'm in a very autumnal mood at the moment. i'm extra excited for Haloween this year as i'm going to be spending it in the USA! i decided to channel that excitement into a layout. It's inspired by the latest class from Wilna. It's a year long class, so expect to see more Wilna inspired layouts from me in the future. i adore her layouts and her teaching style and i am really loving this class.

Last year rather than carve pumpkins i decided to get crafty with them instead. You can find out all the details of how i decorated them here

In Wilna's class layout she used watercolours, but i don't have any in my mixed media supplies so rather than go out and buy something new, i made do with gelato's & lot's of water to create a similar effect. As always, when using gelatos i prepared my background with gesso first. Once the gelatos had dried, on the top part of the layout i used a roller stamp with some dye ink, the effect is quite subtle.  

As some of the pumpkins in the photos had glittered stems, this silver glitter frame was perfect for this layout. The frame on the bottom left hand side wasn't bought like that. It's actually intended to be gold, i just used the back side and then stamped the diamond pattern with black ink to give it more of a Halloween feel. 

Because my usual style uses mostly patterned paper and few embellishments, it's always refreshing for me to create a layout like this. It typically takes me longer, but i'm always pleased with the results. If you are also taking the class, please level me a comment. I would love to see what you are creating! 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

October Simple Scrapper Layouts

Another month and i have 2 new Simple Scrapper layouts for you. 

This is one of those layouts where i ended up going in a slightly different direction from the sketch that i used as inspiration. i just how love how fun these products from Pinkfresh Studio are. The theme this month at SS is personalities. My page is about how i'm finding it really hard to fit in with my peer group at this stage of life. Everyone is coupled up and settling down and i'm finding that i'm not included as much these days.

If you know me at all, you know i LOVE to travel more than anything. Unfortunately, not all travel experiences turn out as you hope, and this layout tells the story of one of those times. i created a flap to keep my journaling hidden. 

On my left ring finger you'll notice that i'm wearing what looks like an engagement ring. It's not, but it was a device i used quite often on my travels to ward off unwanted male attention. It's funny the small details you can spot in photos which tell a much bigger story. Honestly, if i didn't have this captured i'd probably have forgotten all about that little trick i'd sometimes use. 

Whilst this is a travel page i didn't want it to be over the top travel themed. i chose that triangle paper to represent my need to 'go with the flow' during this experience. 

The October membership materials are live on the Simple Scrapper site, including the newest copy of Spark Magazine. If you're a member be sure to check in & see what the other team members created. 

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

September Simple Scrapper Layouts

i'm so excited to be the cover girl of Spark Magazine this month! Spark is a digital magazine that is included with the Simple Scrapper membership and it includes all the sketches, story starters, inspiration from the Creative Team and some great articles from Jennifer. It's one of my favourite things about the membership and i look forward to reading it every month.

The Story Starters for September are all about reading and books. One of my favourite hobbies! The story i chose to scrapbook was how i have to read every night before bed, even if it's just a paragraph.

First i picked that piece of patterned paper from Maggie Holmes' Open Book collection and then i picked out the rest of my supplies to go with the colour scheme. i find that a layout can come together much quicker if i start with one paper or embellishment and coordinate things to go with it. 

In July i mentioned how i was really into stamping my own papers or 3x4 cards and here i am at it again. i just love the effect of repeating word stamps.

i didn't use a whole lot of product on this page, bit i still think it looks pretty effective. The timetable that you see in the pockets were all on a lanyard that i purchased on the day and could flick through to figure out what we wanted to do next. If you look at the picture on the layout close enough you'll see it around my neck. High Five to the organisers for making it 3x4 so i could fit them into pocket pages for preservation! 

Don't forget, if you're not already a member, there's still time to sign up for a free trial to sample Simple Scrapper for yourself.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Simple Scrapper Story Starter Layout

Today i wanted to share my Story Starter layout for this month and explain a bit about how i made it. 

To create this effect I used a technique that I originally picked up in one of Wilna's video's. She is the Queen of all things artsy and mixed media so if you're ever looking for a new technique to try, her blog should be your first port of call as she never fails to inspire. 

The layout uses a lot more embellishments than i usually do, but i think overall it still has a fairly simple look. i've been purging my stash lately and was in a 'use it or lose it' mood when i put it together. 

First i positioned all the canvas cameras & then i used a gloss medium over the top. Before that was dry i coloured the cameras with gelatos. Then i blended them with water. It's a really easy technique with a lot of impact! And great if you have little patience as you don't have to wait for the gloss medium to dry. 

Whilst i'm here i wanted to point out that Jennifer is currently running a 10 day free trial to the Simple Scrapper Premium Membership.  If you've not yet experienced what the membership has to offer, now is your chance! 

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Simple Scrapper Sketch Layouts

i submitted my layouts for the September Simple Scrapper Premium Membership yesterday and realised i hadn't even blogged my August layouts yet! Ooops! Scrapping and blogging always go on the back burner for me during the summer months. Anyway, as usual, i found the August sketches really inspiring. i ended up using 2 of them. 

i love all the different possibilities there are with the circles on this one. You could easily use the spots for more photos.

The pictures were taken at Al Jem Amphitheatre in Tunisia. i know that recent events make Tunisa seem a scary place to visit right now, but my experience of the country & it's people was wonderful. i really want to go back someday so i can see the Atlas Mountains. El Jem Amphitheatre is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, it's really epic. 

For this layout i used a story starter from March. i think this is the kind of thing i'll find interesting in the future, it's so fascinating how our mobile devices have become so integral to our every day lives. The patterned paper i used was quite busy, so i kept the rest of the layout fairly simple to balance out the page. 

My iPhone actually died on me 2 weeks ago so i was really glad to have this snapshot for when i was recovering my apps on my new iPhone! 

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Monday, June 29, 2015

July Simple Scrapper Layouts

Hi All! It's a new month, which means new Simple Scrapper layouts. The theme this month is all about music. My layout is about a most magical performance i saw of Tom Odell at a local music festival last summer. If you aren't aware of Tom Odell, you should really check him out. 

i also made 2 layouts using sketches this month. This is a rather silly photo of me and it's paired with journaling about how i never really had any plans of what i wanted to do with my life and how i still employ the 'go with the flow' attitude now. i'm in a phase of life where everyone i know seems to be planning a wedding, buying property (or cats!) or starting a family and i am most definitely not ready for any of those things! So i think i just needed to get this layout out to reassure myself that that is ok. This layout is what i like to call 'scrap therapy' :) 

i think my favourite thing about this page design wise is the title. It's such an easy way to add stamping without the fear of messing up your entire page. i am going to employ this trick again for sure. Love how the sketches always push me to try new things on my pages. 

This last layout also includes stamping, and quite a bit of it. Lately i am really into creating my own pattern papers or 3x4 cards by repeating stamps. It's such a good way to add themed product to your page and get mileage from your stamps. i also used a polka dot stamp for some added pattern and the 'Happiness is' stamp for the title. This colour combo is a current fave. i am so enjoying the beautiful weather we are having on the south coast lately. 

Stash Bash is on the way and starts on the 14th of July. Registration is now open! i think this is probably my most favourite event that Jennifer organises. Last year i got really stuck in and i can't wait to see what she has in store for us this time around. This is a week long event that helps you use up, declutter, and organise your supplies. You could think of it as a kind of organisation party. Or you can choose to use this week to focus on using up your stash, which is what i plan to do. Jennifer is also offering the event with 3 months membership included, which is an absolute bargain!

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