Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Misting with Stencils

i'm a big fan of misting with stencils, but for some reason it's not something i do on my pages too often. i think it's the risk of making a mess which holds me back. My friend Lisa is always inspiring me to get the mist out. Misting is her scrappy super power. Here are a few examples where i've used mist with stencils.

This is something i'm glad i documented because i rarely have smoothies for breakfast these days. For this design i could easily have used a strip of paper at the top, but i like the effect of the mist. 

For this page i used the design of the stencil to lead your eye to the photo.

On this page i used white rub-ons as a resist against the mist, it's subtle but definitely brings a little extra something to the design. i love how the sunburst enhances the theme of my photos.

i hope you enjoyed these, and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh, i have a blog.

i kind of dropped off the blogosphere for a while there didn't i? Life got a little busy around October time in 2012 and and i thought it best to let the blog go for a bit whilst i was moving and changing job roles. And for one reason or another i never got back into it. For a while i felt like my time was better spent creating pages than sharing them. But in truth i have missed the sharing aspect of this hobby and having a place to voice my views on certain topics (i even drafted several posts last year, but never felt like i wanted to commit to any of them).  So, the ole blog has never been too far from my mind and lately i've felt it tugging me back. A few people have mentioned to me lately, both online and in real life that they 'used to read my blog' and it made me a little regretful that i hadn't kept the blog up. i think it's unlikely that anyone is still reading this given that google reader is no more, so i figured i'd just start blogging for me again. i've still been scrapbooking and sharing on instagram (my account is private but if you send a request i'll approve you) so there's plenty to post about. Oh, the adventures i've had in the last nearly 2 years! Some of the pages i'll share will be recently made, whilst others i may have created up to 2 years ago. 

This was created using the Cocoa Daisy April 2013 kit. Still one of my all time faves. 

The above layout came about because the mundane aspects of life are not well represented in my albums and i thought they deserved a page of their own. So often i scrapbook about an event or a trip i took, but the layouts that i really enjoy looking back on the most are the ones about my everyday life. What i'm into, what i'm feeling. They are the most interesting to reflect on because life moves really quickly and stuff changes. And the majority of my time is spent meal planning, ironing and all that other boring stuff that makes up our lives. It's all part of my story!

If you read this, thanks!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Autumn, you suck.

Oh hai! Yes, i'm still alive. Life has been a full of drama and craziness lately. And not in the good way. Life seems to have a habit of throwing stuff like that at me around this time of year, as if i don't find autumn difficult enough as it is. Usually in September/October i see lot's of love for autumn all over the internets. Me, i'm not so keen. i can get on-board with the pretty leaves and the pumpkins but the dark and cold i could live without.

Despite all the life craziness i'm still managing to find little pockets of time to get my scrap on and this is a layout i knocked out a few weeks ago. There's a lot of personal stuff i choose not to include in my scrapbooks, but i try to keep it real.

Most of this is older product. i am not snobby about having to use the latest stuff. It makes me happy to use papers and embellishments that support the theme of my page so i often work from older kits or collections. i'm going to be moving at the end of the year. It's something i'm having a tough time coming to terms with as i LOVE my home and the location. And i'll be downsizing, which means a lot less space for stash and no desk to scrap on (sadface). i'm pretty good at only buying stuff that i love and any doubles or bits that come in kits that aren't my style i eliminate straight away. So i'm having real trouble trying to 'purge' as everything i have i love. Any tips on how to get around this problem greatly received!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventures in disguising purple

i should warn you now, i am in a Harry Potter layout making frenzy at the moment. When i first went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in April i was mindful of showing too many pictures of it so as not to spoil it for my online friends who hadn't yet been. i was also feeling overwhelmed at how many pictures i had from the day. i went with four friends and so i have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos and i had no idea how i was going to tackle them. A mini book would have been the practical way to go but whilst i enjoy looking through my minis i don't enjoy the process of making them. And i really wanted to have fun with these photos. i've decided to just go ahead and make full layouts and i've already bought an album to house them in. So be prepared to see lots of Harry Potter related layouts here in the near future.

i'm taking a class at BPC at the moment called Kit-Tastic (which is awesome by the way) with the aim of busting some of my stash. i put together a kit using the pre-class materials with Harry Potter & Halloween layouts in mind.

This particular layout features lot's of the props that displayed at the tour, which are on purple velvet. i HATE purple, and I did not want purple in my colour scheme. I don't even think I own anything in my stash that is purple. I thought the bright green would work well as the deluminator and Rita Skeeter's quick quill are that colour.

It's very unusual for me to have a dark background, but as i'm aiming to bust some stash and i've had that piece of paper for about a year it was going to get used. i thought it would be pretty funny to mix the mini doilies with a skull.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cake Fail

Back in March i was SO excited to make my sister a special birthday cake. i wanted to do one of those awesome cakes that has the sprinkles in the batter so that it looks all pretty when you cut into it, like this one.  Somehow mine didn't turn out as planned and you couldn't see the sprinkles at all. i'm not even sure what went wrong, maybe the jimmies i used weren't bright enough? Anyway it was still a delicious cake & a story worth scrapbooking.

i wanted to use the birthday vintage flash cards from Elles Studio to support my story but the 'cake' card wasn't in a colour that matched my other supplies. Instead of discarding the idea i used my craft knife to cut out the lettering and backed a patterned paper behind it. i actually ended up really liking the look. Love altering my supplies to make them work for me!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

OWOT # 37 Distressing

Blogging from my sickbed (you know it's that time of year when all the cold and flu starts passing around!) to let you know that my One Word One Technique post is up on the TMC blog. This month is all about the distressing technique. Something i don't try very often.

i used a simple technique to roughen up the edges of my papers, i remember once upon a time when it was all the rage to do this technique. It's an oldie but a goodie! 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A spot of Tennis

i wanted to share another layout that i did for the JBS Summer Games. The Games are over now and the medals awarded but i still think this is a genius idea for inspiration if you are looking for a challenge to start you off.

This layout is based on the sketch of a tennis court, which i think would also make a great two pager.
We celebrated my Nan's 80th birthday in June & i think these paper were perfect to document that. i am not really a card maker so i don't often use up number stickers so i went to town with the 80's to get the theme across!!

Speaking of Games, i'm off to the Paralympics tomorrow to see the Athletics. i'm super excited and i'll be sad when they're over, but there's still lot's of good stuff to come for the rest of the week.