Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Weekend

I've had a lovely weekend at home. Lloyd helped me set up my blog (thanks Lloyd). Friday we went to the New Forest, got a bit lost and then had a picnic and a walk. Also saw J&D's new Pad which is more spacious then i thought it would be and they have lovely beige sofas, which i am very jealous of as i wouldn't be allowed anything beige because i would spill something on it.

Saturday we went to Gunwharf to buy some trainers for Alex as he forgot to bring his with him (he has a bad toe and could not have lived in his work shoes for the whole weekend) and I ended buying some too. whoops! I have need a new pair for ages but i hate paying out lots for clothes so have been putting it off. Anyway i love them, and i love the box that Alex's trainers came in too. It's got loads of pretty doodling on it and i have nabbed it off him so i can store some of my stamps in it. he hee.

We went to see Nan & Grandad in the afternoon and they were reminiscing about when all my mum and her brothers and sister were kids. They are so sweet when they are telling stories because one starts and the other will interupt and they fight over what really happened and it's sooo funny. I love them two.

Last night we watched The Family Stone with SJP and i still haven't made my mind up about it, which means i think it was OK. Had a pants journey back today and i was sad to leave this morning, even though i'm going to see mum and Lloyd in 4 weeks. It never gets any easier to leave. Came home to find that my DCWV stickers had arrived from QVC but they were a bit of an impulse buy and i don't think i'll use them so i'm going to send them back, which will make up for the chatterbox album kit i bought this weekend. My TSV still hasn't arrived, i'm hoping it'll get here tomorrow, can't wait for it to get here. i lost 2 and a half pounds this week just 3 more to go and i've lost a stone. ye hah!


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