Monday, April 24, 2006

UKS Cybercrop

Had a busy weekend with the UKScrappers cybercrop and Colchester Scrapaholics. i managed to get just 3 LO's done and an altered coaster. i did Kathyb's class using masks (Friends LO) and Shopperholics class using stamps (Lion King LO) but i sort of did my own interpretation of that and tried the resist technique. i've never used masks before so it was good to have a go, it was a bit of hassle though. i also did Ali Edward's challenge but i'm not quite finished it yet. The picture of me and Nic was taken on holiday in 2003 so i really need to get a move on with that album. eek! The Lion King LO is part of a 'year in review' album i'm doing. i made the lion from scratch. (so chuffed with that!).

Went to see Inside Man last night. It was good, although i guessed what one of the twists would be in the first scene, serves me right for trying to be clever. It felt like i was in the cinema for about 5 hours! But overall it was a good movie.

Adam came round tonight, we are doing a scrapbook for his Mum's birthday next month so we were sorting that out. i love doing gifts for other people it's so exciting! Adam is all loved up right now, it's really cool to see him this happy. i'm soooo jealous of him. i love the beginnings of relationships when you feel like you will live in happy la la land forever.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the mask Lex - I didn't even attempt it!

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