Monday, June 05, 2006

Race for Life

So i was in Portsmouth this weekend and the weather was beautiful (i've got the sunburn to prove it) i've sorted out my room (kind of) and i'm really excited about moving back home. today i handed my notice in at work and my last day is the 16th so i will be moving in less then 2 weeks! On Sunday i did the race for life, i've never seen so much pink in one place! i was not prepared for how emotional it would be and i could not stop myself from shedding more than a few tears as we crossed the start line. If you have not taken part before then i urge you to do it, it is a really fun day and it's for such a good cause. Smelly boys are not allowed to do the race, but they can volunteer to help out, so everyone can take part in one way or another. Cancer is such a horrible horrible nasty disease and some times i get so angry because so many good people are affected by it. But on a happier note, i raised £81 and am aiming to raise at least £100 next year.


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