Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lost 1 and a half pounds this week! And i've been really naughty these past couple of weeks... Going to get back on track now though because i'm not feeling too healthy at the moment and i want to loose more before Barcelona. Have now lost a total of 22lbs and have lost 10% of my body weight!

It has been unbearably hot today, i'm so grateful that we have air-con at work. It's just started peeing it down here. me and mum had to dash outside and grab the washing off the line. It's amazing when that happens, the heavens just open and all this rain comes down out of nowhere. i used to love it in Greece when there was a storm to clear the air, still do. Used to just lay on the deck of a yacht and let it rain down on me. missing greece at the moment.

loving the smell of the rain on the ground outside.


Anonymous said...

I've just put out a challenge I thought you would be interested in….I'm "hosting" a group of scrappers all wanting to do the challenges from Ali Edwards new book. Come over, check it out, and play along!!!

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