Monday, August 21, 2006

Tea 4 2

Oh yes my tum is full with cakey-o and scones, i barely touched the sandwiches. I know it's oh so typically english, but it was oh-so yummy so i won't apologise. And all for a mere £5.95 each. If you're ever in Portsmouth, check out the 10th hole, they do baguettes and meals and stuff too, all reasonably priced, but the cakes are the best. They display them in a cabinet and they are all homemade. Every time i go in they have different ones, you will want to try them all. I warn you though, you will feel as big as a house, much like i do now...
i am currently mourning the loss of Big Brother, i think i will miss Richard the most, he was so witty, i hope he is still on telly. i now have the X-Factor to become obsessed with, i have picked my winner already.


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