Tuesday, September 05, 2006


A is for alexa. I think i am quite fortunate that i really like my name. i like that it is unusual and that there are not many other alexa's in the world. Lots of people complement me on it, i always thank them, but i think it is really wierd that they are telling me that i have a nice name, when i didn't even choose it. My friends and family call me lex or lexa, but i hate being called alex or alexia or lexi or elektra (yes i have had that quite a few times).

These photos are from my straight hair day. The A is from a kit i got last month from Homegrown Scrapbooks. There was also a Z in the kit, but i doubt i will ever have any use for it. i haven't used any of the kit yet, but i have my fab photos from Notting Hill and my trip to Barcelona next week, which should bring ample photo opportunities.


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