Saturday, September 16, 2006

La Ramblas is totally cool. If you get the chance it is worth going just to soak up the atmosphere, there is such a vibe going on and there are just sooo many people. At the top of the street there are mainly flower stalls and further down you get seating for all the cafe's on the side of the road and then you get the newstands and the street performers. There is also a very large market where we bought our breakfast most mornings. It's so colourful and there's loads of wierd fruit and veg that you just never see in your local supermarket. Our hostel was in a fantastic location literally down one of the side streets off of La Ramblas, an ideal base.

i think i am going to try and have a play with photoshop this weekend so i can brighten up the colours in these photos even more.


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