Monday, October 30, 2006

i have not been scrapping much of late as i have been too busy & i am missing it. Yesterday i had some fun shooting pictures of my cousins in their ballet tutus. Natalie wants to go to ballet school after her GCSE's & needed some done for her applications, but i also got some fun ones of her & her sister.

Last night i went to Nandos with Nic & then to see Click. It was quite funny, but also got really sad towards the end, i was holding back the tears! In my defence it was an emotional week last week.

i have been spending my hard earned cash this weekend. i bought The Fratellis album yesterday. i want to see them in concert, but they are all sold out! The Chronicals of Narnia & Lady & the Tramp DVD's arrived today (they've been on buy one get one free). i collect the Disney Collector editions & Special editions & have been wanting Narnia for ages so could not resist the offer. i will never be too old for Disney films. The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite & it gets released on platinum edition on Friday! i am soooo excited, disney have never released a platinum edition DVD before!


Anonymous said...

Love your happy lo!! Such a great photo of you!!
I really want Lady and the Tramp...have a good excuse now...can say it's for Dean!!!

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