Monday, November 27, 2006

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

Last night i saw Snow Patrol & i'm still buzzing from the experience, they were awesome! They put on a pretty amazing light show & played for 2 hours! Plus they had some huge moving tv screens which they used special effects on, so those of us at the back could see everything that was going on. i loved their music before, but now i loves them even more. So even though i've been there done that & got myself a t-shirt, i'd still love to see them again. If you don't have their album 'Eyes Open' then put it on your xmas list, you won't be disappointed, promise! Gary Lightbody, the lead singer had a dreamy irish accent (pretty much any kind of accent will make me melt), he was very witty & down to earth. He stopped singing mid song to demand why some one was being ejected from the concert & when he was told that the guy had been pushing he stated 'does that not constitute being at a concert?!' and asked security to bring the guy back. We saw them at the BIC in Bournemouth & it was the first date of their UK tour (how lucky were we to get those tickets!?). Anyway Bournemouth is home to my sister so we got to spend some time with her, which is all good. Loves u M. x

For those of you wondering who Jake is, he's not some random kid i found in the forest & decided to take pictures of. He is the son of my friend Anna, who i work with & he is the cutest ever! i'm making a scrapbook for her to give to her hubby as a xmas pressie so we did a bit of photo shoot yesterday morning, which was fun but Jake didn't want to smile for us & we had to admit defeat when he declared 'enough pictures'.

it was a good day.


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