Thursday, November 30, 2006

Birthday girl!

So yesterday i turned 24. eek! i know 24 is not old, but i still don't feel old enough to be 24! The last few birthdays have not been very good frankly, but this one was great! i had chocolate croissants for breakfast with mango juice & opened my cards & presents. i got a birthday card from my little sister, who is 3. i can't believe she can write her own name! Do you see the the stickers, definately going to be a scrapbooker :)

Mum & i had the day off of work & Michaela came home. We went to Chichester for a bit of shopping & something to eat at Zizzi's (one of my favourites). i bought my first ever pair of knee high boots, they are flat & brown suede (yum!) & bought a few bits in Lush including some whip stick, which i ran out of 3 weeks ago & have been missing dearly. Then we went to a chocolate cafe in Southsea & i had some chocolate brownie cheesecake. This is the most amazing cafe you've ever seen, so gutted i didn't have my camera, but good excuse to go again! Then we went to my Nan & Grandad's (love them so much!) to get my pressie & card, which had the sweetest message in. Then Jen came round for a bit.

Then i went to Katies & she had some birthday cupcakes for me!!

2 cupcakes & 4 candles, geddit? A genius is she. i didn't have a birthday cake the last 2 years, so i was really happy to get to blow out some candles. i also got to wear the birthday tiara for the whole night. O, how i wish i was a real princess. Do you see the handmade card that Katie made for me? Yes, that is supposed to be me. Love it.

Full credit for this photo goes to Miss Katty B & her camera phone.
Here's a list of all the presents i received & who they were from:
Mum~ Photography course on how to control light sources (doing this in a couple of weeks), 2 pairs of socks, The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella (think she was trying to imply something here), a hairband & a green top.
Michaela~ Top from Gap, Pink Cardigan from Zara, & House of Flying Daggers DVD
Lloyd~ Pirates of the Carribbean 1 2 disc Special Edition DVD & Lost Disc
The girls at work~ 3 bars of Aero, Orson Album. Betty Boo pen, 2 pairs of socks.
Jenny ~ Green scarf & gloves set, and beautiful necklace & earring set.
Katie ~ Beautiful necklace & earring set which came in a cute little box
Iain~ A fabulous present of the Harry Potter variety! (still can't believe you gave this to me!)
Thanks so much everyone for my birthday wishes, presents & cards & especially Mum & Michaela & Katie for making it such a great day, so happy to have spent it with you. x

*edited to add*
Jon & Amber got me a box of Flake chocolates & Nicola got me the James Morrison Album & The Wedding Date on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you had an excellent day - I didn't even consider the meaning of two cakes with four candles....I am a dunce - unlike the talented Miss Alexa Gill.

Katty xxx

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