Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Confession No2

You may have noticed that Shimelle's class this weekend is called 'i have to confess'. So i've been trying to think of some confessions in preparation. Yesterday's 'confession' wasn't really a confession, it was just something that i knew no one else really knew. i mean, how often do you really notice someone else's handwriting? Today's confession is something that, if you know me in real life, you probaby already know.



i rarely eat it.

The only exception to this is potatoes, which are probably the worst of the vegetables. Apparently as a very young child i 'loved' veg and 'ate loads of it'. i cannot recall a period in my life when i have ever liked fruit or veg or enjoyed eating it. i know this is wrong, i know it's bad that i don't eat a lot of it, blah blah blah. But i just can't bare to eat it. i don't like the texture, i don't like the taste, and i don't like the smell. Of any of it! There are a few things that i eat, but don't actually enjoy, i generally try to disguise their taste with other food, this includes: peas (but not more than say a tablespoon), mushrooms (must be fried and preferably seasoned with garlic or stuffed with something), cauliflower (i don't actually like this at all. i eat it so that my mum has some vegetables to give me when she does a Sunday roast and even then i don't eat the stalk and i mash it in with my roast potatoes), butternut squash (must be mashed and seasoned with salt and i can't eat much of it), leek (if it is thinly chopped and put in some kind of stir fry) baby carrotts (but only on aeroplanes), strawberries (must be soft, but not too soft, and eaten with meringue and cream) mango (must be blended). There are also some fruit and vegetables that i like the taste of but not the texture, this includes tomatoes and oranges. So i will drink orange juice (if there are no 'bits' in it) or eat jaffa cakes, but not an orange. And i will eat tomatoes if they are diguised as a puree or pasta sauce, but please don't put one near me because their seeds freak me out! i don't even like baked beans, because they have skins. i do try new stuff & stuff that i've tried before every now and again, but i've pretty much come to terms with the fact that i'm never going to really enjoy it. And i realise that you probably think me very odd & very fussy, which i probably am, so i will admit that i have food issues. But they are a part of me & are likely never to go away.

So to my page entitled, "this photo almost makes me want to eat vegetables" Because i love, love, love, this photo. It is one of my favourites of last year. i took it in a market off La Ramblas in Barcelona. The colours are amazing, fruit & veg in tesco simply does not look like this. Maybe if it was i might be tempted to try it a bit more often. i wasn't really planning to scrap this tonight, but i scrapped backwards. Usually i'll pick photo(s)/journalling first and then spend ages choosing which products to use. Tonight i was sorting some of my stash and making a pile of cardstock when i noticed these three colours thrown together (orange, green, red) and loved the combination straight away. So i went about finding a photo to match the combo and came accross this. i kept it simple because i think the photo deserves it. i also got another page done and i'm working on a minature project, but it's not dry yet, so will have to wait for another day. Ciao for now!


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