Sunday, February 04, 2007

i got me a blog banner!

i am so chuffed to bits as have been meaning to sort a proper banner out for ages now. Much thanks to Tommy tomatoe, or as my Mum likes to call him 'the lovely Tom' for helping me out. i have been a tres busy girl this weekend. Yesterday i travelled up to Guildford to meet my friend Amy & we got the train into London to attend the Destinations, Holiday & Travel Show. Amy spent 6 weeks in Australia last year so after a day of picking her brains about her travels & looking at all the stands at the travel show i'm totally ready to pack my bags & leave England.
We got to attend a seminar on Travel Photography & the expert panell included Steve Davey. i didn't really know who he was, but half way through the seminar i realised i own one of his books. How cool is that?! It's rather morbidly called Unforgettable places to see before you die, but it's a really inspiring book. The seminar completely put me off wanting to be a travel phtographer, but i got some good photography tips out of it. My arms are aching so much today from lugging round all the brouchures, books & magazines i picked up. The Rough Guides Stand had 25% off so I bought books on Australia, New Zealand & Singapore (travel guides are one of my major obsessions). These weren't just impulse buys, i've been perusing e-bay for these particular titles recently and at 25% off i couldn't resist. It's their 25th birthday this year & they have some special edition books coming out nearer the summer and i'm probably going to want every single one! Lonely Planet also had some money off their books so I bought Travel Photography, as Amy said: it's an investment. i haven't had the chance to read it yet though so can't comment on whether it's any good. And The Sunday Times Travel Magazine had an awesome offer on their subscriptions, so i signed up for that too, only for 3 months mind. It's my favourite travel magazine. i just can't read enough lately, i am devouring information like it's going out of fashion. i think my brain must have got bored & hungry, because it definately needs a lot of feeding at the moment.

Today Mum & Lloyd got home, they had a fab time & have i've already seen the pictures, which has also made me want to leave the country immediately. They didn't have much luck on their quest to find me what i wanted scrapbook wise but they did get me a DCWV stack, some buttons & a bag of peanut butter M&M's. Why oh Why don't they produce them in the UK?
i've been busy scrapbooking this weekend, producing a grand total of 5 layouts! Here's my interpretation of sketches 16 & 17 from Pencil Lines (love that blog!) and one i did for my Barcelona album. Incase you're wondering, those little photos i used are my Moo cards. The first Lo is of my beautiful sis, i asked her to choose 3 words which describe her best at the moment and she choose Busy, Excitable, & Skint, i added 'Student', because that's a huge part of her life right now (hence the reason she's skint!). The second is a crazee ass layout of myself, it is so not my usual style, and i'm not sure if i like it or not, but that's the reason why i love Pencil Lines so very much. It pushes me to try different styles & the sketches can be interpreted in so many ways. Gotta love sketches.


Anonymous said...

Wow 5 layouts - you busy girl! I love that Barcelona LO - the little photocards are great. Isn't Barcelona just a fab place!

Tracie H said...

I love your I live LO...its pretty fab!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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