Sunday, March 18, 2007

As you can see, i got lots of scrapping done yesterday, i went to an all day crop in Bournemouth. Totally loved it, especially when someone complimented me on my handwriting which i found highly amusing because i think it's such a mess. 'Confused' Lo at the top is sketch 22 from Pencil Lines.
i was supposed to be heading out into Bournemouth for a night out in celebration of Jo's 21st. It was my whole purpose for being in Bournemouth for the weekend, but the girls were getting a mini bus down and it never showed up! So i stayed in with Michaela & Tom. Which was fine bec i quite like them anyway. tee hee.
Thought RND on Friday was hilarious!! Not a huge fan of TV but it was good viewing and for such a good cause. The Tony Blair/Catherine Tate sketch had me in stitches.
Very much liking Air Traffic at the moment. And they are playing at Bournemouth next weekend, but i won't be there. Typical!


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