Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life is Good {i need reminding every so often}

i was dancing around the living room to Kasabian this afternoon, the sun was shining and i felt excited about life. So i made this. Because it's the first time i've felt like that in ages. So i wanted to record it.

And that's why i need to scrapbook.

Someone laughed at me last week when i said that scrapbooking was my therapy. But it is, it SO is. And i don't care if no-one else understands that.


Anonymous said...

Hello! You keep asking me to comment on your blog and as there is the chance I could win something today I thought I'd give it a go. I love reading your blog as you know, and I love all your pics. I really want you to come and do some more of Jake for me in the summer. Maybe he'll co-operate a bit more this time as he'll be a bit older. Also we could do it my garden so he'll just get on with playing rather than wanting to know what your doing! I'm glad you started to feel good about things yesterday. Hopefully won't be long and things will all start to fit into place with work. I know you don't like it here but I love working with you and really don't want you to go anywhere although I know you have to - otherwise you might start losing the plot!
Anyway, I'd better do some work. You never know now Ive done this once I might start doing it everyday.
Lots of love - Beetroot Girl aka Annabanna xxx

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