Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not much going on in my world at the moment, but in the scrapbooking world it's HOF time!! For all my non-scrapbooking friends (which is most of you) let me explain. i am not talking about The Hoff as you might expect, but Hall of Fame or HOF as we scrappers like to call it is a very prestigious competition held by Creating Keepsakes (Big American magazine). Basically, if you win it's pretty HUGE and makes you fairly famous in the scrapping world and can often lead to big things like design work, teaching, book deals and more. A couple of my fav winners are Mitchell Kraft and Kristina Contes. i've been following Mitchell for a while through the mad world of blogging, i know that CK will probably have big plans for him, but i hope he sticks college out until he graduates. i LOVE Kristinas work so much i'm so chuffed she's won and i'm hoping to see a lot more of her work in print as a result of her HOF win, infact can't wait to see more work by all of the HOFer's. You can see a list of the winners here. And incase you're wondering, no i didn't enter, because let's be honest, i wouldn't stand a chance.

Tonight i will be watching this whilst reading this. Also last episode of skins tonight. boo hoo.


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