Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Love

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Because i do exactly what i want, it's my me time. {Although sometimes i'm recovering from a hangover, so not much gets done at all!} When i'm home, my sundays usually consist of having a lie-in, scrapping, watching films, not getting out of my pyjamas except to have a bath and get into a new pair. i have particular films which i watch on Sundays, usually ones that are serious & need my full attention or that are too long for me to watch during the week. New Secrets go up on PostSecrets, and a new week is beginning.

Above mini album is for a work friend who is leaving tomorrow and who i'm going to miss SO much. i'm not a fan of mini albums & i don't really like to make stuff for other people, i find it too hard, but it's got to be done sometimes & it is kind of cool to see peoples reactions when you give them as gifts. The LO on the right there (only want to show a snipit of it, sorry) is based on the lyrics of James Morrisons 'Undiscovered' song, pretty much sums up how i'm feeling lately. i find lots of inspiration in music, other people are so much better are describing how i'm feeling then i am. i also managed to get all my photos sorted into categories today (at long last!).

If you haven't seen my 100th post please go read it and post a comment to say hi! On Wednesday i'll get someone impartial to randomly draw a comment that has been posted since my 100th post to win a chocolate related prize, so you have till about 8 pm then to comment!


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