Thursday, April 12, 2007

i had a good day today. i went to the gym after work & i was enjoying listening to music in my car with the windows down and then i had butternutsquash soup for dinner. But then mum had a go at me for selling my camera bag, because 'i will loose money on it' (obviously). My sweet precious camera bag which i love with all my heart. i am going to dearly miss it but i have me reasons for selling it (and they are good ones!)and i don't need her questioning me & making me feel bad about selling it, when i really didn't want to in the first place! Grr!

So that is all i have to say for now because i am in a mood. i was trying to do something good to help make a little money for my future, a tiny step towards my goal, and she has thrown it back in my face. Double Grr!

On a more positive note, i am very much liking this band: Elliot Minor

And the first disk of Season Five of 24 arrived today. i have had this on my rental list for months now. All good things come to those who wait....


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