Monday, April 09, 2007

Lexa has been a very busy girl. In the last 24 hours i have:

Planned a budget for next year or so. Took ages, i don't like numbers & i hate money. bleuh!

Put away winter clothes & got out summer clothes (yay!). Look how boring my winter clothes are compared to my summer clothes. It's good to have a bit of colour back in my wardrobe. i have way too many black clothes. Infact, i have way too many clothes, thoose pictured above aren't the half of it. i don't even buy clothes very often, i just hoard them for years as i can't bear to throw anything out.

Tidied room (took most of day) and sorted through loads of stuff to sell in places like e-bay. Realised that i need to make some cash quick so have decided to sell everything i can from flip-flops to my precious crumpler bag (boo-hoo) and from camera to handbags. Have also sorted through loads of craft stuff to sell including my sizzix & dies (boo-hoo). Seriously people, you don't know how much this has pained me today, i am selling some of my favouritest stuff. But i understand it must be done if i am ever to realise my dreams.

Sorted through travel brochuers & made fun collages to keep me motivated. i even made a mini one to take to work to put on my desk to keep me going through the day. Isn't the baby orangutan the cutest? i want one!

Listed stuff on e-bay. Took forever. It's changed loads since i last listed anything, it's all super duper now.

Had a really good night out with the girls on Saturday, i always have the most fun with them. We took some really funny photos but i don't think they'd appreciate me uploading them here, so i won't. But i probably will scrap them, so watch out girls! ;)


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