Friday, May 11, 2007

Above be a page i started 2 weeks ago for the UKS cyber crop, but only just managed to finish. Class was designed by Nat's & the whole point of it was to make your own scalloped paper, but as i'm pushed for time lately i cheated and used some pre scalloped paper. Journalling is from an e-mail i received recently. You know, the really annoying ones that flood your inbox and you have to pass on to 30 people or you'll have bad luck forever and ever. Well i actually took the time to read this one and some of it made sense, so i scrapped it.

Managed to have a bit of a lie in this morning, really needed some sleepy catch up time.

Had an eye test. Need new glasses. Apparently my eyes don't work together very well. It doesn't matter too much when i'm just walking around but when i'm concentrating on something, like on the computer or reading it gives me eye strain &/or headaches. Chose some square rimmed glasses, but they won't be here for a possible 2 weeks, so can't share yet. Spent ages trying on different pairs, even tried some green ones. i thought it would be fun to choose them but it was just embarassing.
Bought a summery dress for a wedding in July & got my hands on a black pair of my favouritest heeled shoes ever. i have them in brown and have been desperate to get hold of them in black for nearly 5 months now. And i had a £10 voucher which i've been hoarding since christmas. Bonus!
Someone was supposed to come and view my car this avo but they never showed. i am secretly pleased.

Registered for my donor card today. Meaning to do that for a long time. It made me sad thinking about stuff like that, but i want to know that if ever anything did happen to me something good would come of it.

Need to go as have to prepare for a crop tomorrow & off to see Spiderman with the girls later.


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this is nice!!

Bety :)

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