Friday, May 25, 2007

Day trip to France

Yesterday we got the Eurotunnel to Calais. It wasn't overly interesting to be honest. We went to this weird little 'historic town', which i found boring, and it really smelt funny because it was so old, but i did get a few good shots (that one of me needs some serious editing but i don't have the time now). Apart from that we mostly shopped, we are now fully stocked up on cheese, wine and croissants. It's worth travelling there just to go shopping in Zara. i love Zara in Europe, it's not like here. They have the funkiest clothes ever and it's much cheaper. i do love to travel. i love to see the architecture, landscapes, fashions, colours, the behaviour of people. i find it so exciting when you arrive somewhere new.

i am always intrigued by lamposts. You get some many different types, some are beautiful intricate designs, other just look ugly and industrial. The ones in Calais look like something from War of the Worlds. i joke not. Look for yourself:
i started an new art blog here. i am not expecting to post on there too often for now, but towards the end of the year i will start to post on there quite regularly. The idea is to post pictures of Beaker on his travels. i will try and be more creative for future pictures!


Anonymous said...

This is chimp here; i am not very happy about beaker's photos around the world, that was what i was suppose to be doing, the competition is now on!! love chimp x

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