Saturday, May 05, 2007

Firstly, Happy Cinqo de Mayo! We are celebrating this Mexican liberation holiday all weekend at work to raise money for the NSPCC and Children 1st. Starting to get into the swing of things at work now, & quite enjoying it, really like the people i get to work with. Although last night i got a few war wounds, a bad burn (which has blistered) and a painful splinter. oh well.

Secondly, Happy National Scrapbooking day!! Sadly i don't have much time to scrap today, hope you do. Hop over to 2peas, there's lots of stuff going on over there.

Thirdly, Happy Birthday to the Speshal girls. They are running a comp over on their new blog.

Fourthly, it's a Happy Happy day for Rebecca & Dave. i mean, look how happy she is! (and how gorgeous she looks). So Cool. They've had a crazy few years, but they are here, Together & that's what matters most.

And lastly, check out Josh Pyke especially the cool artwork & 'Memories & Dust'. Although he is in London next month, i probably won't be able to make it, so i'm hoping i might be able to catch him in Australia at the end of the year. oops, did i just let slip that i might be in Australia this year? hmm...

The Kooks 'See The World' keeps going round and round my head lately. It makes me smile because, i'm slowly getting there. Even though i'm completely over worked & have hardly and time to spare for the people & things i love, let alone sleep, i am really happy right now. i'm setting things in motion & planning stuff that makes me so super excited i want to scream!

'What do you really want to see?'

'Do you want to see the world?'

{i do!}


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