Sunday, May 20, 2007

i was supposed to do a photo shoot today but cancelled because the weather was forecast to be windy and rainy, but it turned out lovely. So feel a bit guilty, but we went to Bournemouth, which was good. i love Bournemouth! The people are so cool. They wear flip-flops all year round, surf in freezing cold weather, have the coolest styles, the biggest sunglasses & the craziest hair colours. i am thinking i might live there one day. i finally bought my Crocs. After much consideration i went for fushia. i went to Lush to stock up. They have the best new product it is called The Charity Pot. It is a hand and body lotion, it's really good and smells yum, but best of all, the proceeds go to charities and groups. Lush donate the ingredients, the man power the packaging and everything, so all the money goes in the charity pot (except VAT). Go buy one!


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