Sunday, May 27, 2007

Music to my ears...

If you are crazy enough to read this blog regularly (that's not an insult, honest), you may have latched on to the fact that i LOVE music. It makes me feel alive. i am always looking for new music, but there are some bands and artists that will live forever in my heart. My number one fav's without a doubt are Keane. Some come close, like The Beatles and Snow Patrol. But Keane are my number one. i think if i actually met them i would be lost for words. i'm not fased by famous people, they are just people after all (not that i have met that many). But these guys inspire me, they have made an impact on my life. i loved them from their very first single & had the CD sent out to me when i was living in Greece, the second album came out last year around a very icky & wierd time in my life, it helped to heal my heart (although it hasn't healed altogether and probably never will). It was reassuring to know that there are people in the world who feel the same as i do. i love them millions and gazzillions, i've seen them live and they are amazing, the kind of amazing that makes you tingle. They are just 3 guys that love to play music. Each and every one of their songs speak to me. They are better at putting my feelings into words then i am. i will never get bored of listening to their stuff. Their music is the soundtrack to my life. But i will not harp on about them any more, just have a listen & you'll know what i'm talking about.


Nina said...

I feel the same about music too. I have a little band that are close to my heart and have helped me through strange times.
Take a look because they are fab -

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