Saturday, July 07, 2007

07/07/07 Luckiest day in 100 years.....

i don't have much in the way of news, i've been working back at my old job in a temporary capacity this week, for a lot more money then i was on when i was there full time! Makes sense. It's been fine though, because i've just been helping out and don't have any of the reponsibility i haven't been getting stressed out. So this week's been all about work.

i managed to get this done on Tuesday though, it's a Scraplift of Rhonda Bonifay's from Scrapbooks etc. Love this magazine. Of all the things i have had to give up over the last few months in order to save money for the Big Trip, i haven't been able to give up my subscriptions to this mag or CK. The scanner is loving cutting off the sides of my LO's at the mo. This photo was taken last year, pretty old, i like having a huge stack of photos old and new, i don't find it daunting at all that i've got loads of photos un-scrapped, i just scrap what i feel like. Must make a note to self to print more black and white photos.

Ok, today is Marc & Sam's big Wedding Day, let's hope that they have nice weather for it! Apparently it's the luckiest day in 100 years!


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