Thursday, July 26, 2007

i won't say too much about the book, as i know not everyone will have finshed it yet and i don't want to ruin it for anyone, but i did want to mention how much i loved that Ron used the actual work effing!! hee hee.

Went to see Simpsons Movie last night, wasn't that bothered about seeing it, but i was meeting up with Adam (not the same Adam of the Army Party but another Adam who is the only friend i have know for my entire life) and he wanted to see it, so we did, and it was funny.

And i want a Spiderpig.

There were some good ads for films coming up soon including The Dark is Rising which is based on a book which i now want to read and Stardust. i am so into magic right now. Since reading Harry Potter i want to be a witch! Actually i would rather be a wizard, because a witch doesn't sound very nice, only because of the stigma that they got in England all them hundereds of years ago when they used to witch hunt people. So i want to be a real wizard with actual magical powers. Don't you wish that you could do real magic?
Whenever i go to the cinema i always pick up a free postcard or four bec they are usually either funny or inspiring, i have a pretty random collection. i looked up the company who makes them and their site is here. They do free e-cards so go have a looksee, this one pretty much sums up how i feel sometimes.


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