Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mostly been working and watching films the last few days. i've seen:

Pan's Labryinth, i thought it would be a fantasy film, so was a bit disappointed to discover that most of the film was about war & revoloution, i'm still not altogeth sure what the message of the film was, but it's still worth a watch.

Bobby, i'm not a huge fan of ensemble pieces generally (except for Crash). The whole way through i was thinking 'where is this going?' then it all comes together with Bobby's assasination and it all suddenly makes sense. There are a lot of sub-plots to keep up with, but it is a pretty amazing film. Makes me wish we had a Robert Kennedy in the world today.

The Prestige, one of those films that shows you the end at the beginning and then there's a huge twist and you're like 'OMG!, when did that happen?' and you want to watch it all over again.

i have mostly been watching serious movies the last few weeks, so i think it's time to lighten up a bit!

i don't like posting without pictures, so here's a few of the hairband i made to go with my outfit for the wedding. Mum & Michaela both had posh feathery bit's in their hair and i felt left out so made this with a bit of ribbon, felt flower and a brad, too me about 10 seconds! Being crafty does come in handy occasionally!


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