Monday, July 30, 2007

Was playing with my moo cards (did you see they are doing stickers now too!!) the other day and my Elsie Stuff and made this. The scanner has spectacularly cut off one side of the Lo which is very annoying, it is well balanced in real life, i promise. The left hand side also has the circle rub-ons & doodles on the side of the photos. i love Barcelona, it is my favourite city so far (i have lot's to see yet).

Watched The Last King of Scotland last night. Amazing performances from Forest Whittaker and James McAvoy but there was one seriously disturbing image in the film which i swear is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.
i am not impressed about the postal strike at the moment as it means that i don't get any new dvd's to watch from my rental company and my Newton Faulkner album will probably be delayed! grr! His album is released today. Such a cool guy, me and Nic saw him supporting James Morrison a few months ago and i thought he was better than James was!
Took a trip to the bank today as i've been saving all my cash tips in little money bags and the lady tells me that she can only accept 5 bags a day, i had 11. Stupid rule if you ask me, i am not impressed. i have money but they won't let me put it in the bank! Makes sense!?!
Very happy about 4OD, cos i missed Studio 60 last week and 4OD means i can watch it any time i want. i've been waiting it for it to air over hear for ages and i managed to miss it! i also missed the start of Hero's, i am sooo annoyed as i've also been waiting for that for months! Does anyone know if it's repeated? i bet i've already missed the repeat!! Otherwise i'll have to wait for the DVD cos i can't start watching it without having seen the first 2.
Shimelle's new class starts today, i haven't decided which photo's to use, going to wait for all the prompts before i make a start i think.


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