Saturday, August 11, 2007

This week has been a week of loosing my phone several times, walking to work, wearing flip-flops again, seeing Anna, researching the Big Trip and worrying about going to Tokyo on my own. i thought it was a good idea at first, now i have further researched it i am not so sure. i am worried about offending the Japenese with my misuse of chopsticks, about navigating my way around the city and about what i am going to eat, as i am not all that keen on sushi. I'm not too sure why i am so bothered about Tokyo in particular, i am not worried about the other 5 countries that i'll be visiting, maybe because everyone keeps telling me how brave i am to be going there alone, and especially as it's my first stop. Not helpful people!

Picked this postcard up yesterday whilst at the cinema seeing this (Again!). It resonates with me so much right now as i am so unsure what i am going to do when i get back from travelling. i have been thing for a while now that full-time education might be the way forward, i have never been in a job that i loved and i think i need to re-train and find a career path enjoy sooner rather than later. i don't want to get stuck in another boring job that doesn't challenge me and leads nowhere. i think that i would enjoy graphic design, but am worried that i won't be good enough, about going back to studying again after so long and about the financial implications. Big Scary Decision. And one i'm not going to make right now. Who knows what direction my wanderings will take me this time anyway?


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