Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Itinery

Depart Heathrow 12th November
Arrive Tokyo 13th November
Depart Tokyo 17th November
Arrive Melbourne 18th November then fly to Adelaide
Hang out in Adelaide for 2 nights 18-20 Nov
Visit Kangaroo Island for 3 days 20-22 Nov
Hang out in Adelaide for another 2 nights 22-24 Nov
On trip from Adelaide to Melbourne 24-26 Nov
Stay in Melbourne for 2 nights 26-28 November then fly to Sydney
Stay in Sydney 28-30 Nov (the 29th is my birthday woo!!!)
I will be travelling up the East Coast throughout December, i have no set plans yet
24th December Fly from Cairnes to Sydney
Spend Xmas & New Years in Sydney!!
Fly to Alice Springs 3rd Jan
Go on tour round Uluru for 3 days
Stay in Alice Spings again 6th Jan
Fly to Melbourne (again!) 7th Jan, hang out there for a few days
11th Jan depart Sydney for Auckland
27th Feb Depart Christchurch for Singapore
Spend 8 weeks travelling round South East Asia (no set plans yet)
24th April depart Bangkok for Heathrow!


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