Monday, November 05, 2007

This weekend

Good stuff:

Fancy dress for halloween, especially the fake eylashes and tutu
Having people look at me like i'm a freak and not giving a fuck
Photobooth madness
Hanging out with the extended Fam for an entire day. {Love each and every one of you}
Seeing The Fray and The Days. The Fray took a few polaroids whilst on stage and threw them into the audience. Coolness...

Not so cool stuff:
Hanging my head upside down over the bath trying to wash the red hair dye out at 3am on Saturday, and feeling oh so very drunk-ed!


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your granddad!!!!
tiny bit of laughing thinking of you washing your hair at 3 am after a few....hehe!!
PS pictures of you in tutu please :)

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