Monday, January 28, 2008

Franz Josef!

i had just about the best day ever today! i'm currently staying in a place called Franz Josef, which is a beautiful place to be because it's surrounded by the Franz Josef Glacier (see 2nd photo on previous post). Today i went up in my first ever helicopter ride, right up to the top of the glacier & then got dropped off about half way down. We went for a hike for about and hour and a half and i had loads of fun jumping around in my boots, which had clamp-ons, meaning I could walk easily on the ice. i was super lucky as the clouds have been low today, and i managed to get on one of the few flights that were allowed today!

Let me just repeat, incase you didn't get the gist in my last few posts. i'm having a freaking AMAZING time and New Zealand ROCKS!

Check out the fotos>>>>>>>>


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