Monday, January 21, 2008

Lucky Girl

So my reasons this week for being a VERY luky girl are two fold.

Firstly, i am having the most amazing time travelling and am bursting with happiness!! Everyday i am grateful for the beautiful scenery, the friendly people and the cool activities i get to do!! i am the most content i have been in such a long time. Although of course i think about eveyone and i miss my ART! But that goes without saying...

Secondly, i hav been in a fairly serious accident, which could have turned out really bad, but didn't. i'll spare you the details here, let's face it, it will be a far funnier tale if i tell you in person, half cut, when the meomory's not so fresh and painful. So, i escaped with some pretty bad wounds, which just need to be re-dressed everyday and some serious bruising. Everyday necessary stuff like carrying my backpack, getting changed, washing my hair and getting on to a top bunk bed have been a struggle, but that's just made me all the more determined to cope and enjoy myself as much as i can!

Things i have learnt from this experience:

Be more bloody careful!
Treasure your good health
Live for the day!
Iodine fucking stings!! (i don' ever want to experience that kind of pain again, EVER!)

i'm having the best time over here in The Land of The Long White Cloud. i've been up to the Bay of Islands, went to Waitangi where the treaty was signed between the Maori people and the Europeans. Stayed in Auckland, went to Hahei and Hot Water Beach & Raglan. Saw glow worms in Waitomo Caves (beautiful!), watched a Maori Concert in Maketu and stayed in a Marae. Saw mud pools, geysers and all kinds of geothermal activity in Rotorua and the beautiful art deco in Napier. So i've been pretty busy!

Unfortunately, i don't get to take a lot of pictures of the scenery betweeen towns as i'm sat on a coach, but i'm going to try and make more of an effort, because this country is simply beautiful. There's a real mix of cultures here and everyone lives together in harmony. It's how it should be!


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