Friday, January 11, 2008

me + 2 and me - 2

My lack of posting is explained by the fact that the girls have been here! It has been fun being around people who get me and my crazy sense of humour, who KNOW me! It's been hectic, we've done loads in Sydney including: Darling Harbour, The Aquarium, Chinese Gardens of Friendship, Circular Quay, The Opera House Tour, The Rocks Walking Tour, The Harbour Tour, The Botanical Gardens, Hyde Park, Paddy's Market, got the Ferry to Manley, spent a day in The Blue Mountains, had fun in the waves on Bondi Beach and been up the Sky Tower, not to mention New Years Eve!! We had to stay down there for 10 hours just to get a prime spot but it was SO worth it! i think we did just about everything a tourist can do in Sydney!!

Then we flew to Alice Springs, which is an odd little place. The main attraction there is a water tower! Luckily we moved swiftly on to do a tour round Uluru, Kata-Tjuta and Kings Canyon. It was SO hot in the outback, it was unreal. And there's just nothing and nothing for miles on end. Nic almost colapsed from the heat, i got caught in a sandstorm and Jen had to put up with us (well mostly me) moaning at her to drink more water! So it was a crazy few days, stuck in the middle of nowhere with a coach full of Germans trying to dodge snakes and scorpions. Not an experience we want to repeat anytime soon. i'm glad i did though.

Next was Melbourne and St Kilda's. We did the neighbours night and met a few of the stars including Malcolm Kennedy who we swooned over. We did the tour and saw the school and the street, which is tiny in real life btw! i've never seen Jen more excited in my life, it was quite amusing! We also went to Philip Island to see the Penguin Parade, which was cool. They only grow between 17-30 cm, so are tiny! Cuteness. And we held a WOMBAT!! St Kilda's is really cool, there's some great architecture, some art deco and some really old school buildings and a cool cafe culture.

The girls left on Wednesday, it was hard saying goodbye, we've had so much fun and laughs, but i'm actually quite enjoying being on my own again. i observe more, meet more people, get to do whatever i want, be it snoozing in the park or taking part in street art or listening to new music in Virgin Megastores. i can just please myself. i love Melbourne, it's so inspiring. So much art and varying architecture, there's a real mix of modern and old buildings and it all somehow seems to work it's kind of urban but yet bohemian. And the trams are way cool.

i feel more content in cities.

Some bands i've been getting into while staying here:

Matchbox Twenty

Sneaky Sound System
The John Butler Trio

The Beatles have been repeated constantly on my ipod (as they so often are) since watching Across The Universe on our flight to Alice, one very awesome and amazing film which left me feeling like i wanted to live in the 60's. See it!

Today i have to bid farewell to The Land Down Under! i'm going to miss the smoothies and the laidback feel of the place but it's time to move on! And i could do with spending some time in cooler climes!

i am feeling very free at the moment and looking forward to my next adventure in New Zealand. i've been doing this thing for 2 months now! Nearly half way through! i think i have officially earned the following titles:

Princess with a backback :)

But really i'm just a girl travelling the world with her camera and a heart full of hopes and dreams.


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