Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So KL was a total hideous nightmare, my days consisted of hiding out in a shopping Mall, cinema and hotel room, because i was to scared to be out on the streets or on public transport in broad daylight, let alone at night. i booked myself into a fairly luxurious hotel for my last night as i think i may have suffered some kind of break-down otherwise, i was really at my wit's end and about to get on the next flight home. KL was dirty, smelly and really intimidating. Maybe i was in culture shock, maybe the place is just horrible. You can decide if you ever have the mis-fortune of being there.

Life has improved quite a bit the last few days, the hostel is nice AND clean AND has HOT WATER (very excited about that) AND free breakfast! All for a very reasonable price. And i've been making friends too. Yesterday i did a tour of Penang, saw a few temples, went up Penang Hill etc. Today i went to a buterfly farm and lazed on the beach. The food is good and super cheap.

And in other news, Australia has apologised to the Aborigines which makes me very happy.


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