Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music Shares.

i feel ick. As in the stay in your pj's all day type of ick. The dosing up on Beechams, Sudafed and Lemsip type of ick. Apparently i shouldn't have taken all three together. oops.

i have been obsessing over the Biffy Clyro Puzzle album of late (ok, it's basically just on repeat on La Pod). And also still looooooving the Neon Bible album from Arcade Fire. i've been listening to the same old stuff for 5 months now as i couldn't download while i was away. So went in search of some new music today.

These songs + videos = good.


The Shins.

Los Campesinos. Who have really cool song titles. And a cool website.
Note: the song gets really good after the first minute and 19 seconds. Bear with it!


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