Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Joon, a guy that i've been travelling with, keeps saying 'i knew it was gonna be like this, but i NEVER thought it was going to be like THIS!'

That quote sums up my view of Thailand entirely. It is CRAZY! There are no pavements, there do not appear to be any health and safety regulations, AT ALL and nothing is set in stone, especially prices and start times. i knew it was going to be challenging and frustrating and that i would see stuff i could never have imagined but really, nothing could have prepared me for Thailand. And it will never make sense to you if i try and explain it, unless you've been here yourself.

i have lazed on beaches, had cheap as chips Thai massages, seen Chinese street theatre, eaten food off the side of the road, taken all kinds of crazy different transports, seen a Muai Thai boxing match, been to Wats, seen my fair share of ladyboys, haggled at markets, snorkelled, done a thai cookery course, been to a Full Moon Party (which btw, i NEVER want to experience again) seen elephants walking down the street and all other kinds of stuff which i can't even remember right now!!

One week and i will be home. One week. You have no idea how excited i am, more excited then i was to leave. i can't wait to get back to my wonderful life and all the wonderful people in it. And i'm putting it here in writing to refer to the next time i am bored of England and want out. i have missed you.


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