Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

Umm, yeah, it's my blog's two year anniversary today!! i have no ideas on how to celebrate so instead i'm going to share some of the random thoughts that have been going through my head today.

This song

This film

Why do my tights always fall down?

Has the nacho baby now turned into twin nacho babies? (there are only 2 people in the world who will have a clue what i'm talking about here)

This ad from doritos. Please note: unless you watch British television ads, you won't find this funny at all.

How come i never heard of Micheldever, a town in my own county, and yet now i am aware of it's existence it seems to be mentioned in a lot of places?

Doner Kebab's only taste good when you're drunk. True Story.


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