Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing F-all

Yep, so i'm a total hermit this week, so far. There are of course plans from Friday through to the wee hours of Saturday morning. But ya, i think this is the first week ever that i've done F-all Mon-Thurs. You have to realise that this is imense, because i am quite frequently double or even triple booked, and please don't think that i'm bragging, i just happen to know a lot of people. So it's quite nice to just veg. Still haven't got anything done though, like tidying or sorting out my tax rebate or even any scrapage. i'm just too tired when i get in from work. i'm possibly more lethargic then when i'm really busy. Go figure that one out.

So it's just been me & 24.

And reading this

Thought i better get on it, seeing as the film's out in December...

And working (lots of changes are afoot for me there)

This is Gareth's view 5 days a week, poor bloke!

Getting super excited for this, out next week! Follow the link to see a trailer.

i hate to pay full price for anything. Dvd's & Cd's i will wait months & month's for to come down in price because they invetably do. But this is on pre-order. i beg the question:


Oh and this guy clearly has too much time on his hands but is a lego genius!!


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