Thursday, September 18, 2008

The mornings are pink...

i can see the street lamp from my bed when i wake, and it is on. When i step out of the house the sky is pink. By the time i've got to work, the moon is still in the sky. This has not been working for a night owl such as myself, but it's back to normal next week.

The leaves are turning. i know everyone else in the world seems totally hyped about autum or whatever, but i am dismayed! i already miss my flip flops... Although i love my hats and scarves, i do not like gloves, or tights or jumpers or the ridiculousy misery of British Winters. i managed to skip the last one entirely, but will have no such luck this year.

Still totally in love with my peter pan boots and this ochre colour. i want a pair of t-bar Mary Jane's in the ochre soooo bad. But as the girl who must not be named will contest (b/c i dragged her around every shoe store in town) i can not find them anywhere, even on the internet!! i think it's the first time the worldwide web has ever let me down! i may have to settle for a pair in silver or grey, which really wouldn't be so bad.

It was be there or be square on Saturday. Of course we were there, i had been looking forward to it for weeks. The day truly rocked. Good music + some of my favourite bars and the best company. The sun even made an appearance for most of the day!! Some local bands i discovered and mucho liked:

The Daisy Riots
Hold Fast
Fresh Legs

Finally, finally not caring where Wally is. Seriously. It is such a relief!

i love finding random graffiti.

i watched a film with she who must not be named called once. i really don't think she digged it (but then she is not a film geek like i). However, i thought it was one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen. At first i was thinking 'where the feck is this film going? It's totally random!' And then the music. Magical. The performances of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were flawless and i found the whole film enchanting.

A few old friends are drifting back into my life again this weekend. But planning a day full of films and scrappies on saturday. i have finally got out of my funk and just want to get messy and make stuff all day long.

Oh and it's my Annabananna's birthday today, i hope she has the special day she deserves. i don't know what i would do without her in my life. i looooooooove you!


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