Monday, September 01, 2008

We have seen lots of old things...

Last week we stayed with my sister + tom in Bournemouth. i even got to spend an hour with my other sister. It has been too long. i do not get to see her enough, but life is too complicated to overcome that.

We spent some time in Poole, Christchurch, Lulworth Cove and saw Lulworth Castle. It has been fun, there really is a lot to do here in the south, but i have to say i'm a little tired of all the old stuff now. Whilst i have loved taking pictures & just not being at work, i am a girl who needs the odd solitary day to just get creative, watch films and stay in my pj's. So i'm taking today to do that while Dianne takes a trip to Oxford.

At the weekend we went to some old dudes house and found this little pixie house in the grounds. So cute! We also picniced at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, went to the cultural festival down at the seafront and the castle was open for free.

i will endeavour to upload all photos to Flicker when i get the chance.
i have not had much time to listen to la Pod much in the past week or so, and it is leaving a massive gaping void in my life. However, when i do get the chance, these are the current favourites filling my ear space:

Jeremy Larson
Noah & the Whale
Late of the Pier
Biffy Clyro (ok so they are always one of my fav's, but they have NEW stuff out!)

i'm on the last book of the Twilight series. i'm quite sad my little vampire world is coming to an end & i'm not overly happy with the direction the book is taking at the moment, but i'm only half way through so there's a chance to redeem itself yet! Not quite sure what i'm going to do for reading when i'm done. And i have definately developed Obsessive Cullen Disorder.

Oh and you should go see Step-brothers if you want a good laugh!


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