Saturday, October 18, 2008

'oh you're still alive then?'

Was the response i got from my ma yesterday when i walked through the door, before zooming out again just over an hour later.

On Saturday the Keane album showed up at my door although it wasn't in the shops til Monday! It is The Shizz. Pre-ordering is the future.

Sunday we met a load of the Hollyoaks cast at a charity football match. Super fun. It's the only thing on telly i insist on watching. Although DH is back this week, which i'm very excited about. And i did watch Peter Kays Britain's got the pop factor and possibly a new celebrity jesus christ soapstar superstar strictly on ice, which is one of the funniest things i have ever seen on tv. OK, so maybe i do watch a bit of telly every now and again, but it is pretty minimal.

Tuesday was dvd night with Annabananna, Weds was cinema with Nic ( to see one of the funniest films evvvvvver plus yummies), Thurs was girly sleepover with Vic and then back to Annabanannas last night for more sleeps and taking my favourite little man to see Igor this morning. i've also managed to make visits to see she who cannot be named & Bri Bri this avo.

All thanks to my lil Sis who gave me some wheels. Errr, do i hear the word Freedom? i was buzzing on the drive to work Monday morning. i am already wondering how i ever coped without a car. For reals.

All this results in no time for the PC, no FB, no blogs, no e-mail etc. It feels a bit wierd to have been out of the loop (i mean Flickr have had a major re-vamp, how could i have missed that!) now i'm trying to catch up but i didn't miss it all week. i have been loving the girly time too much.

i have laughed an immense amount this week. Laughter is the best medicine.


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