Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Australia (wishing i was back there)

So i had a lovely Christmas spent with family. We opened presents, i did a little photo shoot, had dinner then snoozed in the afternoon (it's really quite tiring not doing much you know!) before going to my Aunt & Uncles to spend the evening with my extended family.

Boxing Day we went to see this and i cried my eyes out. It is beautiful.

This time last year i was there and i had such adventures. i am longing for it lately. i can't stand this cold. We had such an awesome New Years in Sydney. i made an album as an xmas present for each of my besty besties, who came out to share 2 weeks in Oz with me. Here's the cover but you can see the whole album here. i love making mini albums, it's good to accomplish something complete in 1 or two sittings. i'm wishing i made one for myself now.

Got some sale bargains in Lush and Zara which made me happy. i've been catching up with people and trying to make stuff in between, getting lots of sleep in, watching films and eating. And that's just about all i plan to do until i go back to work on the 5th! yay!


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