Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

Firstly, apologies for not posting in a while but the flu completly wiped me out (still not fully recovered). i'm back to work which is immensley busy and stressful right now and i've been really busy this week and am already fully booked for next!

This week i saw The Fratellis and managed to miss the first few songs of the gig! oops! Had the most amazing food at Dim T's and was really proud that i managed to eat two entire courses with chopsticks (big achievment). Went bowling and didn't bowl, then attended a house party and watched the comedy genius that is R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. i really can't believe that this is supposed to be serious!! i urge you to youtube it, you might wanna keep your tena ladies handy though!

It has been so cold the last week or so. We have been doing 3 winter maintenance runs a night at work. i have to say that the frost does look pretty when it sparkles, but i'm bored of scrapping it off my car! i feel the cold really bad and it makes me miserable having to wear so many layers and gloves. The cold just makes me miserable full stop, i am longing for the summer.

OK i have been doing a little crafting but i need to get some pictures taken so i will leave you with some films that i am sooooooooooooooo excited about. Twilight is out Friday and you know how obsessed i am with the books, i am really hoping that i'm not disappointed. At least i can oggle over Robert Pattison if it does, and the scenery looks spectacular. i already know the soundtrack is awesome, cos i got it for my birthday :) (p.s. Robert Pattison actually wrote & sings on one of the tracks). Bring on the vamps!

i was travelling in OZ when they were wrapping up the fliming of Australia, i went to Bowen where they actually filmed some of it, and i have been itching to see it since. It is such a beautiful & unique country and i have some magical memories from my time there. The trailer alone makes me get a bit emotional so i'm sure i'll be blubbing in the cinema, i just know it will be beautiful, Baz Luhrhmann is an amazing director. i hope this film goes someway to telling Australia's history.


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