Saturday, January 10, 2009


So Emily is doing an art journal project this year & has invited people to play along. Go check it out if you want to join in the fun. You can also join the Flickr Group here.

Em also ran a simliar thing in 07 which i started and never got very far with. i figured this year i might actually stick to it if i had a base to work on, so i've made this little book compiled of all manner of things including cardboard, envelopes, paper bags, playing cards, tags, graph paper & book pages. i'm not planning on keeping anything in order, so each week i can just pick a page and create something on it, or even make it double sided if needs be. And there's plenty of room to add more stuff as i go on throughout the year. This little book makes me happy. i've used lot's of bits of stuff that did not have a home anywhere else & i've managed to get some recylcing done in the process.

question 1: what do i wish for this year to bring?

At first i was planning to paint an impression with the lace, but that didn't work out too well so i just ended up painting the lace and sticking it right on. This is the fun part. The playing & making mistakes can often lead you to better things.

Excited for 52 weeks of making stuff.


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