Monday, February 23, 2009

Boosh Me Up!

Snow Patrol were of course brilliant. The graphics & videography were immense & the band faultless! i was not impressed at having my bag inspected on entrance to the BiC & having them confiscate my Chocolate Yazoo!! My mood much improved though when Gary Lightbody went amongst the crowd (at first when he disappeared off stage we thought something was wrong). A woman shouted out that she was on her honeymoon & so he sang Run to the couple! So sweet! i am in love with Snow Patrol all over again.

i finally got my Christmas present from 'She who must not be named'. Long story, but basically she's been waiting 4 months for my present to arrive so we gave up & she bought me the Mighty Boosh on DVD instead. Gotta love the Boosh! British comedy at it's best.

i haven't posted about films for a while, so i thought i'd do a little post on some favourites that i discovered recently.

The Lives of Others is a brilliant German film, set in the 80's before the Berlin wall came down. The thought of living under such a controlling system frightens me, but the film has a hopeful message.

You may expect Lars & the Real Girl to be a comedy if you were to read the story outline, but it's actually a lovely, quirky, sweet & very touching film. There are some brilliant performances in it & the difficult subject matter is dealt with sensitivity. Plus you're sure to have a crush of Ryan Gossling (if you didn't already).

i watched Inside i'm Dancing based on the fact that James McAvoy was in it. i didn't bother to read the story outline and based on the title i was expecting something upbeat, which it is in places, but it has a twist that will break your heart.

If you're really not up for anything too serious then i'd recommend Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, a film by Judd Apatow (a film hero of mine). It's a parody of biopic movies such as Walk The Line & Ray etc. It's worth seeing for Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Justin Long & Jason Schwartzman's cameo's as The Beatle's.

i'm such a film geek, but i love it!


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