Friday, February 20, 2009

She needs a ticket to ride...

My passport runs out in June so i am in need of a new one. i have decided that Photobooths in England suck these days, the pictures no longer come in a strip, there's no funky curtain behind you and they take real close up pictures. i mean i couldn't even fit the full lengeth of my hair in this one, it is tres long now you know. i took a few pictures that i was happy with & then i realised that you're not allowed to smile in your passport photo so ended up with this, my eyes look frozen & i'm sure my neck isn't actually this long irl.

Passport renewals cost £72 these days!! Plus if you add on the £6.75 that the PO charge to check it & send it off (if you're going to be sending it by special anyway, you might as well pay the extra few quid to have the full service)plus the £4it cost to have the photos taken then you're looking at over 80 quid! :O

Needless to say i'm none to pleased about that. i can't seriously believe that the cost of administering a passport really comes to that much. Really rather grumpy about it all.

i'm very reluctant to give up my current passport anwyay as it has so many pretty pretty stamps in. Plan with the new one it to outstamp it. But as i really can't bear to be stuck in this country for ever more & i've seriously been considering running barefoot again i have to pay up. Meh.

Tip: The back of your passport may seem like the ideal place to store your luggage tickets, but the glue gets very sticky over time, don't do it!


suzy said...

The passport pic is gorgeous.
I had the ugly filter on mine. I look like an escapee from a womens prison.

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