Thursday, March 05, 2009

25 Things (about me)

i got tagged on something on Facebook a few weeks back. The idea was to write 25 random facts about yourself & then tag the person who tagged you plus another 24 people. i love stuff like this because it's a great way of recording stuff about yourself (obviously i am a fan of this) & you get to learn stuff about your friends too. So if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Feel free to leave your facts in the comments.i would love to know more about YOU!

Anywho, thought this was a good prompt for a layout, so some of my facts found their way onto a page.

And the facts are...
*i already lived out one of my biggest dreams and now i'm not sure what to do with myself.
*i keep a journal. It is not your average journal.
*My camera cost me almost as much as my car!
*i miss my flip-flops.
*i am in love with the idea of being in love, but terrified of the reality of it.
*If i could go back in time, i would re-train as a Graphic Designer.
*in my spare time, i can usually be found sticking photos & paper together. It's called scrapbooking & it rocks!
*i am often asked (by old ladies in particular) if my hair is naturally curly. For the record: yes it is.
*i can't cope in the winter.
*i am frequently told by strangers that i have nice handwriting.
*i wished i owned a vintage typewriter (that works).
*i am a film fanatic & watch an average of 5 a week.
*i'm currently craving sushi.
*People generally seem to think i'm 'lovely' but i can't figure out why.
*i dream of owning my own home & filling it with vintage furniture & art.
*This year i plan to take an Art & Design course.
*i have a phobia of snakes.
*My favourite word is 'smooch'.
*i love chocolate milkshake. In a big way.
*i often wonder how i will die.
*One day i hope to own a pug puppy.
*Taking pictures makes me happy.
*i will never stop wanting to travel.
*i don't have a middle name.
*If i had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be pizza.


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