Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dreams can come true!!

Taken with my Canon 350D & made into a polaroid using Poladroid.

yes yes! i have been wanting a polaroid camera for such a loooooong time! But i figured with the film going out of production there was no point trying to start another obsession which would have to be short lived. Thanks to the Impossible Project that's all about to change! They have bought the old Polaroid Factory & are developing a new film which can be used with polaroid vintage cameras, which they hope will be released in 2010!! So i thought now was the time to make the dream a reality. The SX-70 1000 Land is my favourite (mostly because it has a pretty rainbow on it!). And there are a lot of them going for cheap cheap on e-bay at the moment. The one i managed to score (for £5.99) came in the box with instructions, it smells so old!! i love it!! i think i will call her Betty.

So now i'm doing as much research on her as possible. You can still get SX-70 at Polapremium but it is super expensive. So i'm going to try using some 600 film, i need to get an ND filter first though & i'm going to attempt making my own (eek!). But i need to get some ND filter sheets... i think this is going to be a bit of a mission!

i'm SUPER excited & can't wait to get shooting & learn all about my new camera. Any advice on shooting with Polaroids is grately appreciated!


Kim Smith said...

impossible project is LLOOOVVEEEE
i need an old polaroid now! i have a newer one, but it just isn't as much fun! (shhh. don't tell him!)

how're the RVA projects going?!!!
love, kimxo

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