Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh hiiiiiii!

Postcard from Boomerang.

How are you?

i've been super busy of late & haven't had much time for the interenet, i've not even been reading other people's blogs let alone writing my own. Here's a catch up, in no particular order:

Watchmen. Over rated. Disappointing.
Cowboy themed eats with some of the funniest people i know.
New facebook suuuucks!
Gyming regularly and feeling better for it.
Sunshine & daffodils are a regular feature round here. Makes me happy.
The Young Victoria. Really likey.
Don't feel like taking pictures. Strange.
Sat Nav's are evil. i am the worst navigator ever & should not be trusted with these things.
After work drinkies & hilarity.
Lovely weekend in London.
Drunken behaviour on the tube.
Work good. Me happy again.
Not a creative ounce in me lately.
Making den's & baking cupcakes with my favourite 5 year old.
Cheeky text messages :)
Shopping in the largest mall in Europe. Zara i love yoooou!
Don't want to tidy.
Yummiest mexican food evvvver!
Crazy moshing at Red Light Company gig. Think i'm too old for this biz now.
Feeling that life is very real & happy again.


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